Screw system
The tooth is mounted with a quarter of a turn and then held into locking position.
The bigger the penetration force in hard materials, the bigger the pressure.
Advantage: Maximum tightness of the tooth

Tooth system - Esco SUPER V
The nose has a stabilisation surface and frontal support?Large stabilisation plates and screw thread make our teeth more stable than those of competitors. It is fitted directly on to the tip of the adaptor. It can cope with violent head-on thrusts.
Advantage: high-performance system and longer tooth lifespan.

Vertical locking pin
Safer, one-piece structure, easy to fit, easy to replace. Reusable locking pin up to six tooth replacements.
Advantage: a much more effective product.

Locking pin protected by tooth’s ear flap
Each new tooth has a new locking surface and the locking pin is wear and impact resistant.
Advantage: no more lost teeth.